Question on Ya Ali Madad

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Question: What is the meaning of "Ya Ali Madad"?

Bismahe Subhana

The Meaning of YA ALI (AS) MADAD

A few things should be made clear upon you:

1. Allah (SWT) has bestowed the highest status upon: the Holy Prophet of Islam, all other Prophets (Peace Be Upon Them), Imam Ali (AS), and the rest of the infallibles (AS). Allah (SWT) has bestowed upon them the highest jurisdictions and in this there is no doubt amongst any of the Shia and there should not be any doubt. The details of these jurisdictions and explanations of the fixing of the boundaries are above the intellectual understanding of any normal person. However, the infallibles (AS) in some of the traditions have indicated towards this meaning, so in the truth of the Ahlul Bait (AS), we should not get entangled in disbelief or claims of deficiency and defectiveness of the Ahlul Bait (AS), and neither in the greatness (nature, power) of Allah (SWT) Almighty. We should not unnecessarily transgress and pass the prescribed limits.

2. Those personalities (entities) which we have mentioned above are the selected people of Allah (SWT). That honor which they have obtained has only been obtained with the devotion of Allah (SWT).

3. Allah (SWT) has kept some of the jurisdictions in His hand and has not consigned these to anybody else other than Himself. In this, there is life and death, creation and demission, and rizq.

4. If somebody himself says that those things which have been mentioned before are not in the hands of Allah (SWT), then he implies that we have retired Allah (SWT) Almighty (Astagh Firullah). One should remember that the creator of these personalities (entities) is only Him. The creator of the master of the universe Imam Ali (AS) and the creator of the milk in the chest of his blessed and purified mother was only Allah (SWT) Almighty. May it be known that Allah (SWT) has never retired nor shall He ever retire!

5.  Allah (SWT) has ordered us that we seek our needs from the aforementioned entities, that we ask for our needs from Him, and that we give for the sake of those infallibles. When we all say YA ALI (AS) MADAD, this does not proclaim the belief of any Muslim that Allah (SWT) has retired (Astagh Firullah) or that Allah (SWT) has become old (Al Ayaazo Billah) or that someone has deprived Allah (SWT) from him His jurisdictions through elections or an army revolution (Astagh Firullah) or that someone has cheated Allah (SWT) (Astagh Firullah) or that someone has deceived Allah (SWT) and snatched from Him His jurisdictions (Al Ayaazo Billah). The essence of Allah (SWT) and any of His attributes to have any kind of alteration in this belief is equal and parallel to Kufr (disbelief). We give for the sake of the infallibles and ask for Dua (prayers); this is the meaning of YA ALI (AS) MADAD. When you ask for help from anybody, you hope that he helps and supports you in accordance to one’s own power. Allah (SWT) Almighty has given the Prophet of Allah (SWT), Janab-e-Zahra (SA), and all of the infallibles the power of victory to support His Shia. This power is in their intercession, in which they do dua (prayer) for all of their Shia and they ask forgiveness for them and they fulfill the requirement from Allah (SWT). This is the meaning of YA ALI (AS) MADAD.


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The Grand Ayatollah Al Uzma Sheikh Basheer Hussain Najafi

Najaf e Ashraf