Question on Mutah (Temporary Marriage)

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Question about Mutah (temporary marriage)


Is it permissible to contract Mutah (temporary marriage), with a prostitute, who secretly does prostitution? Does the ruling change if she is 'famous' for prostitution?




Bismahe Subhana

Temporary marriage (Mutah) is legitimate. Quran and Ahadees carry the proof of its legitimacy. It has been performed by Sahabas during Hazrat Muhammad (s.a.w) and Abu Bakr's periods and also in a few days of Umar’s Khilafat. A lot of people stopped because of Umar’s fear when he prohibited temporary marriage (Mutah). The way permanent marriage (Aqd-e-Daimi) is permissible with a vulgar woman, temporary marriage (Mutah) is also allowed. However, if the woman is famous for prostitution then both of the marriages are Makroh and it is the husband’s responsibility, if he has married such a woman, to try to stop her from this obscenity as long as she is his wife.


Allah Knows Better


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The Grand Ayatollah Al Uzma Sheikh Basheer Hussain Najafi

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