Question on Qama and Zanjeer Zani

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Is it permissable to do qama and zanjeer zani hitting yourself with sword and knives?



Bismahe Subhana

It is permitted unless Maula Imam Hussain’s (as) and the Ahl-ul-Bayt’s persecution are considered as propaganda or if he is not allowed by his doctor because it might result in death or losing of a body part. Matam-qama or matam-zanjeer should not be done if he is settled in a part of the world where people due to their ignorance or lack of knowledge about Imam Hussain (as) after watching such matam are turned away from Imam Hussain (as). Therefore it should be avoided in front of such people.

Allah Knows Better


The Office of

The Grand Ayatollah Al Uzma Sheikh Basheer Hussain Najafi

Najaf e Ashraf