Conference Speech of Sheikh Najafi

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In the name of Allah, the compassionate, the merciful

Praise be to Allah for His guidance, peace and blessings be upon his Messenger Muhammad and his progeny, and curse on their enemies.

The Glorified Allah says" And hold fast, all of you together, to the cable of Allah, and do not separate”

After the setting of the sun of the prophethood, Muslims still face fierce attacks by blasphemous people though such attacks get weakened for a while, they soon get back stronger. The world has been completely controlled by some pride people who have wanted to remove Islam by whatever means necessary. However, Islam has remained enlightening in spite of all conspiracies. The most dangerous movement faced Islam since its advent is hypocorism which has begun in the great Messenger's (PBUH &HF) time. The holy Quran also assures that where its proponents aim at, through exploiting this elevated religion, taking Islam down. They try to conquer the human minds through their glittering naïve slogans and using the name of Islam to wrongly convince people that they are the real Muslims. Such people are promised to have punished more severely than the enemies of Islam. Allah says "hypocrites are in the bottom of the hell"

Presently, here they show up again in our world to harm Islam by attempting to damage the image of the great messenger (PBUH & HF). They could have consulted books claimed to be referred to Muslims to degrade Islam thinking that they have been able to achieve their goals. They neglect the fact that Allah has guaranteed continuity to Islam until the Judgment Day.

Nevertheless, mutiny is another danger instigated by handful of ignorant ones who are falsely considered as Muslim Intellectuals, supporting by some hideous hands.

The quest of such people is to cultivate sectarianism, segregation, and spreading vice among Muslims, without paying attention to saying of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH & HF) concerning prohibiting Muslim expiation "Islam is built on five things: the two testimonies, praying, charity, pilgrimage of Macca, and fasting of Ramadan" . this saying is found almost in majority of Muslims books, like Al-Kafy by keeliny. They look like that they have not read or heard the prophet saying "whoever expiates another one means one of them is blasphemous"

The honored gathering in the holy month and in the holy land, be informed that unity under uniting of Allah is not a necessity imposed by circumstances as some think, rather it is an end for every Muslim whose heart is full of faith.

Therefore, we should all work hard without any stop in this regard as long as Shia intellectuals are motivated to this honored aim.

Hence, we find that intellectuals of this sect include in their books a lot of the sayings and traditions from different sects like the scholar Al-Hilly, Tussy, Abi AL-Makarim, and Ibn Zahrah. Rather, some of them have authored books specialized in the contrastive jurisprudence like (Tathkirat Al-fuqaha) by Al-hilly and so on. The scholars from shia were in the forefront of this issue, but when most of the commandos of the other sects stopped following jurists, Shia scholars and jurists preserve to deal only with what concern their sect, for they still practice deduction and inferences as they use to do.

As far as my responsibility is concerned, I share you, my Muslim brothers, this gathering from deep inside me although I am here in Al-Najaf due to the burden on my shoulders.

My invocation is to Allah that make all the gathered people here achieve what they have met for and make them able to do what they have to do toward Islam.

May Allah bless you all. Peace and mercy from Allah be upon you.