Obituary of Ayatollah Al-Qareishi

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Obituary of the Office

The office of His Eminence Ayatollah Al-Najafi mourns the death of Ayatollah Sheikh Baqir Al-Qareishi. The following is the statement regarding his death:

In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate

Allah (swt) says: “(the true believers are) those who when are overcome with a calamity, they say: we belong God, and to Him we shall return” and He also states: “God raises from among you those who believe and those who were given high levels of knowledge. Indeed, Allah is the most knowledgeable about what you are doing”

The Liaison Office of His Eminence Grand Ayatollah, Sheikh Bashir Hussain Al-Najafi grievously mourns the death of the great scholar and historian Ayatollah Sheikh Baqir Sharif Al-Qareishi (may Allah bless his soul). Ayatollah Al-Qareishi dedicated his life to serving the religion of Islam after a life of service, he has left behind his great work so that the coming generations can be enlightened by his wisdom. He has departed to reunite with the holy Prophet (pbuh & hf) and the holy progeny (pbut) and he stands in front of them holding his scientific works to win their intercession.

Thus, we send our condolences to the 12th awaited Imam—Imam Mehdi Al-Hujjah (may Allah haste His reappearance), to the Shiites of the Islamic Ummah ( Islamic nation), and to Ayatollah Qareishi's honorable family. We pray to Allah (swt) to gift his family with patience and solace, for surely Allah is the most Compassionate, the Most Merciful…