The Importance of Hijab in Ziyara

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A Letter of Advice from His Eminence Grand Ayatollah Al-Uzema Sheikh Bashir Hussain Al-Najafi (may Allah prolong his life)

In the Name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious

All praise belongs to Allah for guiding us to the straight path and may the peace and blessings be upon His beloved messenger, Muhammad Ibn Abdullah(pbuh), and his infallible progeny, and may the curse of Allah be upon their enemies.

Allah (swt) has said: "And whoever venerates the sacraments of God-Indeed that arises from the piety/awareness of hearts."

There is no doubt that piety-and its presence in the hearts and minds-is an obligation that cannot be easily overlooked. Allah (swt) has said: "(Allah) doth accept of the sacrifice of those who are lefteous." piety is the spirit of a believing Muslim, without it, he becomes a frame empty of content, a thin layer of covering without a core, a body with no soul. Carrying out religious ceremonies, such as visiting the holy shrines-and doing so properly- should be the goal of every Muslim believer so that we may further increase our levels of faith and piety.

In order to achieve this, we must be keen to adhere to the rules of the Islamic Sharia and to not transgress the boundaries of Islam, otherwise, what is meant to be an act of worship will simply be turned into an act of disobedience.

To preserve the boundaries of Islam, I advise fellow believers to carry out their obligations and to avoid that which has been forbidden by the religion of Islam and that which defies its teachings, especially throughout performing (Ziyara).

To believing sisters: I advise them to preserve their faith and take great care that their (Hijab) does not violate the conditions and requirements of Islam. They should also avoid physical contact with (non-mahram) men throughout the pushing and shoving that occurs throughout (Ziyara) no matter the extent of their love or their wishes to touch and pray next to the shrine.

Therefore, my believing daughters should care to cover their entire bodies and lower their voices while reading( prayers and Ziyara) in places where there are (non-mahram). In addition, she should place her Hijab as her utmost priority, even if that were to mean praying outside of the shrine or far away from it for the sake of preserving her hijab, and she will get the same Thawab (reward) as one who has reached the Holy shrine, God willing.

I do not know why believing women cry for the tragedies the daughters of our beloved messenger (p.b.u.h) had to go through, including the stripping of their veils; yet, at the same time do not follow the Islamic dress code. In my opinion, this is a stark contradiction, and while Islamic Sharia permits Muslim women to reveal their faces, without the use of makeup, they are encouraged to cover their faces, as a matter of precaution.

This is our advice to our dear believing daughters, and we ask of their parents and guardians to also keep this in mind, I pray to Allah (swt) that my words benefit them, and salam….