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I seek refuge with Allah from the evils of Satan, the Rejected One.

Bismillah Al Rahman Al Raheem

In The name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

A Message for all Muslim Fathers and Mothers,


Mankind has been created to prosper in many environments. Every group of people have features that enable them to prosper in their native environment, and these features are governed by heredity. In Islam we pay great attention to this aspect when choosing life partners. The messenger of Allah (swt), Muhammad (saw), advised his followers to consider this when choosing a wife, He said; "The Uncle is one of the two bed fellows".

The micro environment of the family and the lessons learned within it are also passed from one generation to the next. The opinion of Amir Al Mumineen, (the commander of the faithful), Ali (as), is clear when he said to Aqil, "Choose for me a woman (wife) that was born in the elite of the Arabs of high birth".

In those times these families where the best lineage in the Arabs.

These are directions and advices to all fathers and mothers who are tempted to ignore their role and leave the development of new children to the effects of nature and instinct. lf you observe and think deeply, you will find that the children of educated people are different from the children of illiterate people, and it is no wonder for a lion generates lion-like offspring! When we find a person inclined to purity and honesty they often come from a pure family and have children like themselves. The forces of nature and instinct are not sufficient to develop a social being, carrying inside him humanitarian principles without the care of his parents. The task of building a good and righteous child by a clean upbringing, which is given correctly and perfectly, is most important.

The ignorance of correct upbringing in the parents is corrected by them, learning from experience with wisdom and adding to it the love, humanity and compassion that parents possess for their children. The child is the product of the home and education that the parents provide. The Prophet (saw) said; "Every child is born in a state of nature (subject to instinct) but his parents are responsible for him being a Christian or a Jew". Or in another narration also a Magian (a group in Iran, before Islam, worshipping fire).

This equally applies to boys and girls equally. The new child to whom the mother speaks honest words full of love and mercy will be different from the children of a mother whose hands are spotted with the marks of many sins and disobedience. The son on whom the father spends his wages gained from the sweat of his brow, is fed with manhood and firmness. We can say that this type of child will be different from the children who grow in the shade of crimes and disobedience, eating and gaining illegally. Those children hear only, from their family the words of libertinism, the songs of debauchery and see the sights of immorality.

You should know, Muslim mother that you, yourself will be asked on doomsday about the conduct and behavior of your children.

You should follow the way of the pure Fatima Al Zahra (sa), to produce children like Al Hussain (as), His courage, boldness and sacrifice to defend Allah's right on the Earth are the examples to follow. You should bring girls up to follow the character and morals of the pure lady 'Zainab' (sa). She is an example for women in honor, purity, science, firmness, patience and resistance, as was her blessed mother Fatima Al Zahra (sa).

The spring water of Islam cannot be exhausted and as the Prophet said; "Say, There is no god but Allah, and you will succeed" (Qawla la Illah illa Allah tufliho).

The nation that was originated by the great Prophet of Islam is always able, as it has in the past, to produce persons able to follow the footsteps of Khadija, Fatima, Zainab and other virtuous women who entered history and left their pure deeds as examples for every woman who wants victory for herself and her children.

You should know, Muslim father, you may ignore the responsibility that is waiting for you when the new child comes into existence. That child that grows in the womb of a woman chosen by you. You must realize your responsibility. You are the second stage of the first school for your child. Don't think you will elude the consequences if you are remiss. Everything that comes from that child, bad or good, is in part your responsibility. Be a follower of the great Messenger of Islam Muhammad (saw), Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (as) and the heroes of Islam. Those persons who have the archetypal ideals.

We must follow them and join the followers of Hussain (as) in manhood, dignity, prestige, firmness, nobleness and sacrifice for faith.

Work hard to gain your livelihood legally in order to build a generation that struggles for truth, belief, honor and homeland.

This is my message to all fathers and mothers, I hope Allah (swt) will make them benefit from it. He is the most Honored and Always Responds.


The Author:

Basheer Hussain Al Najafi