The Book of Ordering Good (kindness) and Prohibiting Bad Deeds (abominable).

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Ordering people to do good and prohibiting them from doing bad is not just one of the great acts of obedience, but the greatest. They are the two pillars for the sound and correct society to build a virtuous city. One that social reformers are longing to see on the Earth. Many verses are quoted in" The Holy Quran" stimulation people to obey Allah, [wa litakun minkum ometun yadeoona ela al khair wa yameron bi almaeroof wa yanhoon en almenkar wa olaek homu almeflehoon] .


Also many narratives about the messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, tell of this field and the guiding "Imams" of his household, peace be upon them said; "Allah abhors [ hates ] the weak believer who has no religion? The prophet said that he is the person who does not prohibit from abominable."


The Meaning of Good and Bad, and their kinds


The Good:

Means every required deed [action] legally whether it is commendable or obligatory.


The Bad:

Every bad [ugly] deed which the mind [the brain] and the jurisprudence call to give up.



Some Sorts of The Good:

1. Relying on Allah.

2. Resorting to Allah.

3. Favorable Judgment of Allah.

4. Patience in adversity [ woe, affliction, misfortune] and to avoid Allah's prohibitions.

5- Abstinence.

6- Modesty.

7. To be fair [just] with the people, even with yourself where Allah's messenger, peace be upon him, said that (the master of deeds is fairness among people from yourself and the comfort of the brother [in Allah], The Most High, in every matter [situation, condition].)