Anwar al Najafiya

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Al Anwar Al Najafiya Foundation for Culture and Development

Iraq today is in need for educational culturing and aid within economical and education core. We must all ration wisely for using these zones; there are multi charity organizations at work without saving any efforts here, one of them is (Al Anwar Al Najafia Foundation for Culture and Development) and we put our trust in the right people for this mission, contributing thru these activities which the foundation takes care of.



The Grand leader of the Shia community, Ayatollah Al-Uzma Sheikh hafiz Basher Hussain al Najafi has initiated different projects to serve the community and religion. By the Grace of Almighty Allah (swt) completes some of these projects completed while others are still in process of completion.

Completed Projects

Reconstruction of Hawza Ilmiya Najaf e Ashraf:

Hawza Ilmiya Najaf e Ashraf, which is the centre of all the madaris, was demolished by the tyrant of time, Sadaam. Enemies wanted to close down the doors of Ilm e Rasool (saw), and to remove Najaf as the central point of the world of knowledge. For the same reason he demolished the madaris, the historical places, mosques and Imambarghs. To add up all, printing press, bookshops and libraries were burnt down. Only those valuable things were protected which were hidden and buried underground and were covered. By the Grace of Almighty Allah (swt) He availed the chance, hence He reconstructed the above-mentioned madaris to save the epicenter of Ilm and that the doors of Ilm e Rasool (saw) to be opened so that the world and people be benefited from it.

  1. Jamia tun Najaf known as madrassa Jamia Qalantar.
  2. Madrassa Abdul Aziz Al Baghdadi.
  3. Madrassa Al Mahdi (a.j.).
  4. Madrassa Yazdi.
  5. Madrassa Lebnaniya (Khanal Mukhazar).
  6. Madrassa Shubariya Bazurg.
  7. Madrassa Imam Ali (as).
  8. Madrassa Afghaniya (Established by Mudaris Afghani).
  9. Madrassa Kazmiya known as Sadrul Azam.
  10. Madrassa Brujardy (Established by Ayatollah Al Uzma Brujardy).
  11. Madrassa Akhund Al Kubra.
  12. Madrassa Akhund Al Sughra.
  13. Madrassa Al Imam Al Sadiq (as) known as Madrassa Shubariya.
  14. Madrassa Hindiya
  15. Madrassa Mahdiya Kashif ul Ghita.
  16. Madrassa Al Kashif ul Ghita.
  17. Madrassa Al Qizwini.
  18. Madrassa Dar Ul Abrar.
  19. Madrassa Dar Ul Mutaqeen.
  20. Madrassa Al Hussainiya Al Shiraziya.

Services of Hawza Ilmiya Najaf e Ashraf:

  1. Provided Electricity: During the Sadam era, due to the edge of cruelty and current tragedies, the duration of electricity would not exceed 8 hours, consequently effecting the madaris and the students who were facing problems, hence you fixed full power generators which supplied electricity to all the madaris and mosques around the Shrine of Ameer ul Momineeen (as), and besides it proved to be free of cost electricity provision for the residence of students, ulema, momineen and martyrs families so that the rights of neighborhood of Ameer ul Momineen (as) could be proved.

  1. Educational Services: During the time when the grand teacher of the fuqaha Ayatollah Al Uzma Syed Al Khoi (May Allah rest his soul in peace) was suffering from sickness in his last days, he handed over the responsibility of Hawza Ilmiya Najaf e Ashraf to Ayatollah Al-Uzma Sheikh hafiz Basher and He had to look after it fully. However, after the downfall of sadaam the tyrant, other respectable personalities also helped Him perform the responsibility. The very same day, He, took all the duties from course books, teachers, food, hostel etc for students to guide and educate the students. Although this is a great honour for the people of Subcontinent (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh) that since the Ghaibat e Imam e Asr (aj) till present, it’s the first time in history that a Mujtahid from Subcontinent has been given such a heavy responsibility of Hawza Ilmiya Najaf e Ashraf. However, greater the position, larger is the responsibility.


Due to Sadam tyrant era, the war imposed and daily bombardment, Iraq would probably be the first country where it has the highest number of orphans, widows and helpless women around the world. In this worse conditions along with the availability of basic necessities, the provision of education was also utmost important so that people do not lack behind and further the etiquette and respect of the Holy city is maintained, hence for this purpose he arranged for some programs mentioned below:

  • Dar Al Zahra School: The school provides orphan children with religious and conventional studies. This school provides food and uniforms to children and is approved by government.
  • Financial support: Affected people of war and bomb attacks are provided with house, food, clothing and other necessities and are supported financially.
  • Handwork: The affected disable girls and young women along with financial support, are also been taught the handwork such as stitching and vowing.
  • Moassasa e Al Anwar AlNajafiya: During the Sadam era, education was kept limited so much that it was considered a sin to have computers at home. Hence, after the local people got rid of Sadam, He established a head office for learning computer and internet education where momineen benefit from it without any cost.
  • Package for Zawwar: On the sacred occasions of Chehlum Imam Mazloom (a.s.) and 15th Shaban, more then 100 thousand people visit the shirin at Najaf e Ashrf and Karbala e Mualla, since they had to walk large distance, hence He arranged for food, some restting areas and dispensaries which is there till the last day of ziarat.

Projects in process:

He is continuously trying that in Subcontinent there should be continuity of Marjiat. Therefore, we are trying to enroll deserving students from admission of students in subcontinent to solving their residential problems and to provide facilities for training and education. Hence, for this purpose, the following projects are under completion:

1. Madrassa for male students.

2. Madrassa for female students.

3. Hussainian Hall (imambargah): a place for classes and to perform majalis so that students and zawaar from sub-continent can pay their respects to Ahle Bayt according to their culture and language.

4. Imam Ali (as) hospital: where free medical treatment shall be provided to students and zawaar (pilgrims) and for this, place has been purchased near baab ul qibla of Imam Ali (as) shrine and it is awaiting construction.

5. Najaf colony Madina tul Ilm: along with the difficulties faced by students, regarding courses, teachers, residence permit from government (iqama), they are also facing accommodation problems. They live in small rented quarters where sometimes rent is raised and sometimes they have to move to another place, and due to this problem many leave the Hawsa without completing the studies. He has obtained permission for the construction of 1000 quarters from the government and the area has been purchased at baab ul qibla of Imam Ali (as) shrine, but is waiting for respectable momineen to sponsor the construction. This project has been included in the map of the colony madrassa for male and female and hussainia is also included.

Beside these in all the parts of sub-continent:

1. Madrassa to be established as in Najaf e Ashraf.

2. Syllabus of Hawza Ilmiya Najaf e Ashraf to be taught all around.

3. Construction of mosques and imambargahs in areas of momineen.

4. To support ulema when momineen can’t afford there expenses and accommodation.

5. To support those centers which are waiting for sponsors.


Ayatollah al Uzma the high Marjah Sheikh, Marjah al Taqleed, Basheer Hussain Najafi (ِ MayAllah save him) recommendations for the foundation:

In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Merciful

Thanks to Allah, the Lord of the universe: Allah's praise is upon the prophet Mohammad (His Greatest creation) and his noble household, praise be on them both.

Allah's, the Most High, said;

“say to work, Allah shall see your work and His prophet the believers, then you will be back to the another world, world of unknown and witness, where Allah inform you about the reality what exactly intended to do” (Allah always says the truth)

Iraq today is in need for educational culturing and aid within economical and education core. We must all ration wisely for using these zones; there are multi charity organizations at work without saving any efforts here, one of them is (Al Anwar Al Najafia Foundation for Culture and Development) and we put our trust in the right people for this mission, contributing thru these activities which the foundation takes care of.

We pray to Allah, the Most High, to accept our work in this case and help us to do more.

Thank you